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Project Description

Charlie Elliott Shooting Range (Mansfield, GA)- This current project involves communication systems and acoustical design for an outdoor shooting range. The challenge is to reduce the noise level at the shooting position and to provide the ability for the station ranger to shut down the range and to communicate with the shooters as required. The shooting canopy will be modified to reduce sound reflections and an intercom and indicator system will be installed at each shooting station.

Shooting Range Master Plan (White County, GA)- This current project involved the generation of a report that provides property line analysis of noise levels generated by a proposed outdoor shooting range. The challenge was to locate appropriate gunfire data and to provide design information that would allow the architect to adjust the shooting range location and orientation. The solution was to provide data in a tabular form so that the rough calculations could be made in a step by step approach as the design changes. Detailed analysis will be provided at a later time as the final location narrows down.



Project Details

Client: Georgia DNR
Date: 2014 & 2015
Systems: Audio Visual & Acoustical Consulting