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The message matters most

Weaver Stephens Group specializes in B2B and consumer-focused media relations and SEO-supportive digital content. From strategic marketing and communications consulting to design, video and photography, we help companies communicate more effectively.

What we do


Communications Strategy

Marketing communications encompasses a broad array of tools. What’s the one thing all of these tools have common? They are only as effective as their ability to convey the right message. Before we talk tactics, we discuss positioning and messaging. What are your business development goals? Who is your audience? What are your competitors saying, and how will you differentiate? Then we help you choose the tools and channels that make the most sense for your audience, budget and desired outcome.


It takes real talent to make something beautiful and functional. At Weaver Stephens Group, everything we create is a means to end: communicating your message in the most effective, compelling way possible. Our designers don’t just make pretty things; they understand the role of imagery and aesthetics in getting your message across. From powerful logos to fun infographics, we make sure the form always supports the function.

Media Relations

The news business has changed a lot in the last decade. Newsrooms are more efficiently staffed. The news cycle has reached warp speed. More content is going online in exciting multimedia formats. One thing that hasn’t changed: media relations is still a relationship-driven business.

Our writers and media relations professionals are former editors and reporters. We understand what makes a great story. And we know how the news business works. Whether it’s a trade media bylined article, a morning news feature segment, or event-related media management, we help clients convey their message effectively.

Editorial & Copy Writing

Branded Content
Turn your ideas into industry leading, business generating thought leadership. We’ve spent years working with senior executives and subject matter experts to develop intelligent, informative – even entertaining – case studies, bylined articles, conference presentations, email campaigns and media talking points. From that experience, we have developed an efficient and highly effective process for putting client ideas into words and in the hands of target audiences.
Web Content
How many times have you seen a great looking web site that was all style and no substance? We work with clients to create web sites that serve as a dynamic platform for thought leadership, search engine optimization, marketing communications, branding and media outreach.

Social Media Management

We approach social media management like every other media channel — strategically. We work with companies to identify, target and reach their prospects and customers with real information that people really want. It’s an exciting time to be a subject matter expert in the worldwide marketplace. The digital universe offers incredible opportunities to tell your story and share your expertise. Our social media strategists and writers work with subject matter experts to create workable editorial calendars filled with rich, visually compelling content that continuously reinforces your role as a knowledge leader.

Photography & Video Production

We are lucky to have some of the best editorial and studio photographers in the Southeast on our team. From event coverage to headshots to product photos, you’ll enjoy interacting with our photographers as much as you’ll love the work they do.
Video Production
We love to tell stories through video. Whether it’s a 10-minute tradeshow video or a 20-second social media snippet, our scriptwriters, videographers, voice talent and editors put the same care and consideration into telling your story in the most thoughtful, visually compelling way possible.

Search Optimization

Digital content — social media, web copy, blogs — has finally come full circle to a place where value and authenticity win. We don’t write for Google; we write for your target audience. And when we say SEO-supportive digital content, we’re not trying to game the system with smoke and mirrors. Our integrated approach combines SEO-supportive digital content with technical SEO support and analytics to ensure both successful lead generation and successful organic placement/visibility.

Marketing Strategy

A thoroughly-researched, well-defined marketing plan provides the best foundation for effective corporate communications. Weaver Stephens Group regularly partners with several of Atlanta’s best marketing professionals and boutique firms to provide a full-slate of marketing services from marketing research and strategy to product positioning.